Sustainable Dining

Join the Wittenberg Dining Sustainability Club. Once signed up, you will receive a Sustainability Club ID card. When wanting to remove a meal from the CDR, any member of the Sustainability Club may present their ID badge, and a Sustainability Card to the checker upon entrance, and ask for a reusable green plastic container and disposable service ware. 

 Disposable soup cups and lids will be provided upon request. Guests must bring their own reusable plastic beverage container for fountain beverages or coffee. A Sustainability Club card will be provided to any meal plan participant that chooses to join by visiting the Dining Services office during regular business hours. This card may be redeemed for a reusable green container at no cost upon entrance to the CDR or at a service station in Post 95. 

Guests may return their used green container to the CDR checker or Post 95 server at any time the dining areas are open for a replacement container if needed for that visit, or a new Sustainability Club card that they may use at a future visit. Guests planning on eating in the CDR and taking an additional meal to go, may do so by double swiping their ID card for two meals upon entrance. When doing this, guests are not required to leave their ID card with the checker upon entrance. This double swipe is only available for use from the dining roomís opening in the morning until 4:30 PM.  

Unless using one of the three eligible guest passes available on a meal plan, only one meal swipe may be used during the dinner meal zone. Only one reusable green container is provided to guests. Used containers will be replaced free of charge as described above. 

Lost containers may not be replaced; however, the guest would be required to pay $5.00 to receive a new container, or a Sustainability Club card for future container use.  

As described in the Universityís Board Policies, meals on a studentís account are not transferable to other students or guests. Students may not allow others to use their ID to obtain meal services. Failure to protect the use of an ID card is a violation of the Universityís Student Code of Conduct and Ethics with respect to misuse of Wittenberg University identification. 

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